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Discharge Process:

      Following your treatment at our hospital, once the attending consultant determines that your recovery is satisfactory, they will record the discharge recommendations in your medical records. Subsequently, the discharge process will proceed in the following structured steps:


1. As directed by the consultant, the Duty Medical Officer will compose your discharge summary, which will then be reviewed and signed by the attending treating physician.


2. The nursing department will conduct medication reconciliation, and any surplus medications will be returned to the pharmacy. Simultaneously, they will secure a no-due certificate from the In-Patient (IP) pharmacy.

3. The nursing department will also obtain clearance from the Clinical Pathology Lab and Radiology departments.

4. All medical reports will be gathered by the Floor In-Charge and Nursing In-Charge. These reports will be meticulously verified and subsequently handed over to the patient's attendants.

5. Upon securing clearances from all relevant departments, the case sheet will be forwarded to the billing department for the final bill preparation.

6. In cases where the patient is covered by insurance, we will send the final approval request to the respective insurance company, along with the discharge summary and final bill. The bill settlement will be based on the final approval granted by the insurance company. Any excess co-payment advised by the insurance company will be the responsibility of the patient.

7. If the patient is affiliated with any credit organization, the billing executive will thoroughly inspect all the necessary clearances, such as treatment referral letters and approvals, and subsequently conclude the billing process.

8. For privately paying patients, the billing executive will review the case sheet and prepare the bill according to the services and treatments provided during the patient's stay. Before finalizing the bill, the billing executive will confirm the treatment details with the attending consultant.

9. After the final bill is prepared, the patient's attendant will receive a copy and will be directed to the cash counter for payment.

10. Following the completion of the final payment, a final receipt will be issued, and the billing executive will provide the patient's attendant with the final bill copy and a no-due slip.

11. The attendant will then be guided to the nursing counter, where the responsible nurse will hand over the discharge summary. They will also explain the medications, dosages, and any other precautions that need to be taken at home.

12. Subsequently, the attendants will be permitted to escort the patient, and our supportive staff will assist the patient until they reach the exit gate. Before departure, our security personnel will collect the no-due slip and gate pass and remove the patient's wristband.

Discharge Guidelines:

  • Ensure that all the belongings brought at the time of admission should be carefully kept with attendants and can be taking back at the time of discharge.

  • Please check all the documents related to treatment before leaving.

  • For insurance cases, 2-4 hours will claim processing time after the documents are uploaded.

  • For paid cases, the bill processing time limit is 2-3hours.

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