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Admission Process:

      At Indus Hospitals, we prioritize the ease and convenience of our patients and their families when it comes to the admission process. Here's an overview of the steps involved in the admission process for In-Patients:

  • For OPD cases, the consultant will provide admission advice and direct patients to the help desk for counseling.

  • The Inpatient counseling department will explain treatment protocols, financial details, and the estimated cost of treatment.

  • Our 24/7 help desk will counsel patients on room selection, payment methods, deposit, package details, insurance coverage, and more.

  • Patients will receive a slip with deposit and room category information and be directed to reception for admission.

  • If the chosen room isn't available, alternatives will be explained, and rooms will be allotted when they become available.

  • For planned admissions, the counselor will explain necessary steps, and if pre-booking is required, protocols will be clarified.

  • The reception executive will complete formalities based on the room category, and the patient will need to deposit the requested advance.

  • Patients will receive an advance receipt and be required to sign consent papers, receive a visitor pass, an Inpatient handbook, and a wristband.

  • After admission, the front office staff will guide patients to their allotted rooms.

Admission Checklist:
For a smooth admission process, please carry:
  1. Referral letter from your doctor.

  2. Health insurance cards (if available).

  3. CGHS patients: Family health card and credit referral letter.

  4. Government-issued identity document (Passport, Driver’s license, Aadhar card).

  5. Previous medical health reports.

Admission Guidelines:

  • The Help Desk is located opposite the main lobby entrance.

  • 24/7 Admissions are accepted.

  • All admissions require a Deposit Slip (cash and major credit/debit cards accepted, no checks).

  • Please bring your personal toiletries, clothing, and slippers as the hospital does not provide them.

  • Do not retain precious jewelry, large sums of money, or valuables during your stay. INDUS Hospitals is not responsible for any loss or damage.

  • Video counseling may be conducted in some cases.

  • Hospital premises are under surveillance, except for patient care areas. Your safety is our priority.

Discharge Guidelines:

  • Ensure that all the belongings brought at the time of admission should be carefully kept with attendants and can be taking back at the time of discharge.

  • Please check all the documents related to treatment before leaving.

  • For insurance cases, 2-4 hours will claim processing time after the documents are uploaded.

  • For paid cases, the bill processing time limit is 2-3hours.

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