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Department of Neurology

The Department of Neurology has been functioning from the inception of the hospital i.e. 07-04-2008 headed by Dr. V. Satyanarayana MD., DM. from the beginning. Later on Dr.A.Lalitha DNB., DM (Neuro) joined as a team member. The emergency Neurology cases are attended by these doctors throughout the year.  In addition, the critical care doctors in AMCU (Acute Medical Care Unit) also attend to these patients.


The Neurosurgery department is doing a variety of complex brain and spinal procedures. The Outcome of complex cases like Clipping of Aneurysms and Endoscopic surgeries made the department a premium center for Neurosciences in the city.


The Neurology Department is particularly famous for treating acute repetitive seizures and Status Epileptics.  For eligible patients, intravenous thrombolysis is routinely done.  For eligible patients Dr. V. Sujatha, the Cardiologist does Carotid Angioplasty.  The Department saved many patients from a dreadful disorder – Guillen Barre Syndrome. Infections of the nervous system are well attended to in AMCU, and Laboratory services are very useful in this regard.


The SIEMENS 32 Slice CT Machine is an asset for Radiology Department and doing routinely CT Brain, Abdomen, chest and others. 

Routine blood levels of anti-epileptics are very useful in resistant epilepsy cases and especially in emergency epilepsy cases.

The Electro-diagnostic Unit is an asset to the Dept. of Neurology. Even before the inauguration of the Hospital, RMS EEG Machine was installed and functioning. Portable EEG was available from July 2011. Pulmonary function testing (PFT) was started in August 2012.


EMG/NCV machines and Video EEG Machines were installed in June 2010.  Neuro-compact Medicaid EEG machine installed in June 2014.  New NCV-EMG Machine was installed in May 2017.        

Equipment at Indus:
  • ​ENMG

  • EEG

  • CT scan

  • Video EEG

We offer the following services in our Neurology department:
  • EEG Machine

  • EMD Machine ENG Machine

  • EPS Machine

  • Bio-Feedback Machine

  • Epilepsy Treatment

  • Neuromuscular Treatment

  • Polysomnography pattern identification and treatment

  • Neuro-Rehabilitation for both Inpatient and outpatient admissions.

  • Neuro-development services

  • Management of Blepharospasm, dystonia and spasticity

  • Diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases like Parkinsons' disease require very special medical skills.

  • Deep Brain Stimulation procedures


Health Tips

Folate is a B vitamin that protects the nerves from chemicals that can cause damage. This vitamin is found in spinach, pomegranates and beets.

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