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Dr. Rakesh Tumula

Sr. Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Rakesh Tumula is a leading Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Indus Hospital. With an MD and DM in Cardiology, he offers comprehensive expertise in interventional cardiology, including coronary interventions and electrophysiology. Dr. Tumula is a thought leader in his field, dedicated to advancing cardiac care through research and community engagement. His patient-centered approach and unwavering commitment to heart health make him a trusted figure in the medical community. Join his many satisfied patients and experience exceptional cardiac care with Dr. Rakesh Tumula.

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With a profound commitment to cardiac care, Dr. Rakesh Tumula stands as a distinguished Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Indus Hospital. Holding a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree and specialized Doctorate in Cardiology (DM), Dr. Tumula brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the forefront of cardiovascular medicine.

Clinical Excellence and Expertise

Dr. Tumula's expertise spans a comprehensive spectrum of interventional cardiology, ensuring the best possible care for patients facing cardiac challenges. His proficiency includes:

Coronary Interventions: Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Tumula performs intricate coronary interventions, addressing complex artery blockages and restoring optimal blood flow.

Stent Placement: With precision, he deploys stent placements to alleviate artery narrowings, enhancing patients' heart health and overall well-being.

Electrophysiology: Dr. Tumula's skill extends to the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders, providing solutions that optimize cardiac function.

Structural Heart Interventions: He specializes in structural heart interventions, offering minimally invasive procedures for conditions such as valve repair and closure.


Leadership and Contribution


Dr. Tumula's contributions to cardiac medicine go beyond his clinical practice. His commitment to advancing medical knowledge is evident through his involvement in research initiatives and participation in medical conferences. He's considered a thought leader in interventional cardiology.


Patient-Centered Approach


What sets Dr. Rakesh Tumula apart is his patient-centered approach. He understands the concerns and anxieties that often accompany cardiac issues and takes the time to explain procedures, answer questions, and provide unwavering support throughout the patient's journey to recovery.

Community Engagement


Beyond his medical roles, Dr. Tumula engages with the community through health awareness programs, emphasizing preventive measures and early detection of cardiovascular conditions.

Dr. Rakesh Tumula's dedication to elevating cardiac care makes him an invaluable asset to Indus Hospital. By blending extensive experience with cutting-edge techniques, he remains committed to fostering heart health and improving the lives of patients. To benefit from his expertise, schedule an appointment and experience exceptional cardiac care firsthand.

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