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Dr. Harivardhan Lukka

Vascular Surgeon

We are delighted to introduce you to Dr. Harivardhan Lukka, a highly regarded Vascular Surgeon at Indus Hospital. Dr. Harivadhan's extensive medical background and specialized training in Vascular Surgeon make her a trusted expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Vascular disorders.

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Clinical Expertise

                 Dr. Harivardhan Lukka is a distinguished Vascular Surgeon renowned for his exceptional clinical skills and expertise in managing a wide range of vascular conditions. With specialized training and experience, he excels in diagnosing and treating vascular diseases, including arterial and venous disorders. Dr. Lukka's proficiency extends to performing complex vascular surgeries and minimally invasive procedures with precision, ensuring optimal outcomes for his patients.

Compassionate Patient Care

                 Dr. Harivardhan Lukka is known for his compassionate approach to patient care, characterized by empathy, respect, and clear communication. He prioritizes building strong doctor-patient relationships based on trust and understanding. Dr. Lukka takes the time to educate his patients about their vascular conditions, discussing treatment options and addressing any concerns they may have. His patient-centric philosophy ensures that individuals feel empowered and supported throughout their healthcare journey.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Harivardhan Lukka is actively involved in academic endeavors and research initiatives within the field of vascular surgery. He has authored numerous publications in esteemed medical journals and frequently participates in medical conferences and symposiums to share his expertise with colleagues and peers. Dr. Lukka's dedication to advancing vascular surgery ensures that his patients benefit from the latest evidence-based treatments and innovative surgical techniques.

Why Choose Dr. Harivardhan Lukka?

  • Extensive experience and expertise in vascular surgery, including both traditional and minimally invasive techniques.

  • Commitment to providing personalized and compassionate care, tailored to meet each patient's unique needs.

  • Active engagement in academic research and education to stay at the forefront of advancements in vascular surgery.

  • Reputation for achieving excellent outcomes and improving the quality of life for his patients.


For comprehensive and compassionate vascular care, Dr. Harivardhan Lukka is your trusted partner in promoting vascular health and well-being. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards optimal vascular health under the care of a skilled and dedicated surgeon.

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Book your appointment with Dr. Harivardhan Lukka our Senior Interventional Cardiologist, today. Your heart deserves the best care possible.

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