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Department Of Medical Gastroenterology

Indus Hospitals has a complete Medical Gastro Enterology department which treats various types of disorders and conditions which occur in our patients. We are equipped with a range of modern equipment and skilled specialists who deliver quality care to patients on all fronts of medical gastroenterology.


By providing quality care through technology and dedication, we have built up a bond of trust between our patients and Indus Hospitals. This bond of trust is the motivating factor which has healed hundreds of patients and given them the gift of good health. Our Medical Gastro Enterology department helps diagnose a wide range of conditions which include:

Various types of gastric cancers We treat and diagnose various types of gastric cancers which occur in patients. Our department analyzes and performs various types of tests which include ultrasound, Laparoscopy and barium X-ray techniques to ensure that gastric cancers are detected early and treated before they become fatal to the patient.

We offer the following services in our Medical Gastro Enterology department:
  • Routine Endoscopies

  • Interventional Endoscopic Procedures like stenting, ERCP, Viral Hepatitis, and all types of Liver, stomach & Intestinal diseases

  • Endoscopic Interventions.


Health Tips

Eat properly to help your digestion

Do not rush your food. Take the time to eat slowly. Maintain regular gaps in between bites and chew each mouthful well. Eat regularly and try not to skip meals.

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