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Department Of General Medicine

The Medicine Department is the backbone of patient care services. The department is covering emergencies by 24 X 7. All General Medical emergencies, critical as well as routine are looked after in time. All routine procedures like pleural tapping, lumbar puncture, ascitic tapping were done.

We take pride to state that our OP and IP services are being utilized by patients from entire north Andhra and some parts of Orissa and some Psychiatry is a science of Behavior and Mind, Prof. Dr. V.Padma MD, associated with Indus Family since the inception and running evening clinics extending her services to treat and counseling the patients and Us Too.

We offer the following services in our General Medicine department:
  • De-Addiction program

  • Pediatric management and counseling

  • Geriatric management and counseling


Health Tips

Daily life is filled with many activities in which we do many works in a hurry!

Eat a nutritious diet, consume less sugar and salt in your daily diet, and have adequate sleep. Stay active and happy which in turn manages the stress and keeps you lit and healthy.

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