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Facilities at Indus



At Indus Hospitals, we know the true seriousness of an emergency which requires specialized medical care. Our Acute medical care units(AMCU) function round the clock and provide Critical Care for patients who are suffering from various health complications. Our AMCU department has the following facilities :

  • 16-bed capacity

  • HP monitors

  • Puritan Benneton and Siemens ventilators

  • Nelson makes pulse oxymeters

  • Parameter display monitors with centralized networking

  • Centralized gas supply system

  • Syringe and infusion pumps

  • Ventilator systems for various types of patients

  • Transport Ventilator

  • Anesthesia Ventilators

  • Valley Lab Diathermy Apparatus


The ICCU unit at Indus Hospitals is equipped with world-class facilities which are second to none in the market. We have designed and built our ICCU unit to world standards which is an envy of every hospital around us. Our ICCU consists of 10 beds which are effectively laid out to provide spacious environs. We have installed the latest equipment for our ICCU block which includes state-of-the-art technology and the finest skilled technicians to handle them.

  • HP Monitors

  • Puritan Benetton and Siemens ventilators

  • Nelcor pulse oxymeters

  • Multiple parameter monitors with a central network

  • Centralized gas supply system

  • Syringe pumps and infusion pumps

  • Ventilators for adult pediatric and neonatal

  • Transport Ventilator

  • Anesthesia ventilators

  • Valley Lab Diathermy Apparatus.



Indus Hospitals has a full-fledged Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit which has been designed to provide the best facilities for patients. Our CTICU unit is designed to provide the highest quality critical care for patients who are admitted to the cardiothoracic surgery unit. 

Beyond all the equipment, we have a highly skilled team of doctors and nursing staff who take complete care of the patients on all fronts. This ensures that patients make a complete recovery after undergoing cardiac surgery and any cardiac-related procedures. We have designed our CTICU based on world standards of cleanroom and ICU care design. This ensures that there is a minimal risk of infection and enhanced protection for patients who need quick recoveries from surgeries.

  • Central Monitoring System

  • High-Quality Ventilators

  • State-of-the-art patient monitoring systems


The MICU unit at Indus Hospitals is furnished with the world's best amenities. MICU is designed to global standards. For our MICU block, we have installed the most up-to-date equipment, including cutting-edge technology and highly skilled specialists to manage it.



Ours is the 20-bedded NICU and 10-bedded PICU, where we can provide intensive care with well-advanced neonatal ventilation, High-frequency ventilation, and nasal ventilation (NIV&Ncpap) and AirVo2.we also provide care to extremely preterm babies with birth weight of 600 gm (24 weeks gestation).

Operation Theatre Complex

The hospital has four state of the art operation theatres equipped with world class anesthesia work stations and surgical equipment with laminar flow facility (bacteria free air flow) to ensure absolute sterility, engineering controls and regular infection control methods for effective aseptic conditions. The theatres cater to the needs of specialty, super specialty patients both in emergencies and elective surgeries.

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State of the Art Cath lab with cutting-edge technology ( SIEMENS ARTISZAA)
•     40% less radiation exposure to patients
•    Stent Boost for better results
•    IVUS ( Intra Vascular Ultra Sound )….. An advanced Imaging Technology to scan inside walls of the Coronary Artery

Emergency Services

The hospital has a 5 bedded emergency Department which serves round the clock to both Medico Legal and other patients. The Emergency unit has direct access to CT scan room to minimize the transit time which is helpful to treat patients of acute stroke and trauma.

The emergency department is supported with monitors and ventilators. X-Ray, CT Scan Facility, an operation theatre, Plaster room, other diagnostics adjacent to the Emergency department and all the intensive care facilities in the next floor

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