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Discharge Guidelines

Discharge Process:

Post to your treatment in the hospital, once the consultant is satisfied with the recovery he will write discharge advice in the case sheet. Later on discharge process will be initiated and carried out in the following steps.

  • Based on the consultant's direction, the Duty Medical Officer will prepare your discharge summary which is reviewed and signed by the concerned treating doctor.

  • The nursing department will do the medication reconciliation, the extra medicine will be returned to the pharmacy and get the no due certificate form the IP pharmacy.

  • The nursing department will also get the clearance from the Clinical Pathology Lab, and Radiology departments.

  • All the reports will be collected by Floor In charges and Nursing In charges and verified thoroughly will be handed over to patient attendants.    

  • After obtaining all the department clearances the case sheet will be sent to the billing department for final bill preparation.

  • Whereas the In case the case is covered by insurance, final approval will be sent to the respective insurance company along with Discharge summary and final bill. Based on the final approval from the insurance company bill will be settled. If any excess co-payment is advised by the insurance company the same will be paid by the patient.

  • In case, the patient belongs to any credit organization all the required clearances like treatment referral letters, approvals will be checked by the billing executive accordingly bill will be closed.

  • In the case of paid cases, the billing executive verified the case sheet and the bill will be prepared according to the services, treatment extended to the patient during his stay.

  • The billing executive before closing the bill will conform with the consultant for the treatment he offered to the patient.

  • After that patient attendant will be given a final bill copy and directed to pay at the cash counter.

  • After the final payment, you will be given a final receipt, later on, the billing executive will give the final bill copy and no due slip to the patient attendant.

  • He will direct the attendant to the nursing counter, where the concerned sister will hand over the discharge summary and she will explain the medications and dosages and other precautions to be taken at the house.

  • Hence the attendants are allowed to take the patient, and our supporting staff will assist the patient till the outgate, before that the security people will collect the no due slip, and gate pass, and remove the wristband of the patient.

Discharge Guidelines:
  • Ensure that all the belongings brought at the time of admission should be carefully kept with attendants and can be taking back at the time of discharge.

  • Please check all the documents related to treatment before leaving.

  • For insurance cases, 2-4 hours will claim processing time after the documents are uploaded.

  • For paid cases, the bill processing time limit is 2-3hours.

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