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Department Of Anesthesia and critical care

Indus Hospitals has a full-fledged Anesthesiology and Critical Care department which has been developed to help in the rapid recovery of patients who undergo various types of surgical procedures within the hospital. Manned by a highly experienced team of doctors who are committed and trained in their respective specializations, the Anesthesiology and Critical Care department has saved the lives of hundreds of patients on the operating table. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities this department handles the various requirements of our patients in a comprehensive manner to provide them with satisfactory pre and post-operative recovery.


Indus Critical care department is dedicated to the emergency and urgent health care need of critically ill patients. The critical care department along with Anesthesia Department is one of the key branches of INDUS Hospitals. INDUS Critical care department provides continuous monitoring and cares for all serious patients. Constant availability and comprehensive care by qualified and trained Intensivists with a multi-disciplinary team approach at INDUS ensure the best possible care and outcome of both complex medical and surgical cases. This department offers high-end ICU care with state of art life-supporting pieces of equipment. Round-the-clock specialized Intensive Care team services are offered. This department is supported by advanced 24x7 laboratory and Radiology services, state-of-the-art Rehabilitation including physiotherapist services, and clinical nutritionist. Immediate actions and decisions play a key role in the early recovery of patients. Trained nursing staff with a high level of alertness and compassion for sick patients is the backbone of this department. Well-placed protocols and Infection control practices updated knowledge application and bedside procedures using the latest equipment have shown wonderful early recovery of ICU Patients. With eyes to the future, we continuously strive for the right care and right time with right things making our department the best in patient care under the guidance and support of the highly enthusiastic core INDUS team.

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