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Our physiotherapy department has only one goal, to reduce the pain of our patients and to heal them to let them live their normal and healthy life. We know the pain associated with injury and our team of doctors and physiotherapists work in all possible ways to reduce patient suffering and heal them at the earliest.

At Indus Hospitals, we have the latest equipment which is used in leading hospitals worldwide and this department is headed by a team of highly qualified specialists who have many years of experience in handling various types of physiotherapy cases.

Indus Hospitals provides the following specialized physiotherapy services

  • Exercise therapy.
  • Injury and Trauma recovery.
  • Mobilizations and manipulations
  • Prevention and postural correction exercises

Our dedicated team of staff spare no efforts in maximizing patient comfort and improving their well being. Indus Hospitals has earned a very credible name in the hospital industry for its outstanding physiotherapy treatment and care. Our trained Physiotherapists work on patients who have various conditions related to neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and sports injuries, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary, surgical, medical, gynecology and oncology.

Our Department at Indus Hospitals has a full fledged exercise therapy department and facilities for handling various types of trauma. We have a state of the art infrastructure which is designed for helping patients heal rapidly and improve their fitness and well being.

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