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Anesthesiology & Critical Care

Indus Hospitals has a full fledged Anesthesiology and Critical Care department which has been developed to help in the rapid recovery of patients who undergo various types of surgical procedures within the hopsital. Manned by a highly experienced team of doctors who are committed and trained in the respective specializations, the Anesthesiology and Critical Care department has saved the lives of hundreds of patients on the operating table.


Equipped with state of the art facilities this department handles the various requirements of our patients in a comprehensive manner to provide them with satisfactory pre and post operative recovery.

Our Critical Care rooms are designed to meet international standards and have the best equipment and manpower to deliver quality healthcare to our users at all levels. Our commitment to providing the best possible care filled with an approach of compassion is the difference which Indus Hospitals makes to our patients from all over India and abroad.

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