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Scope of Services

Clinical Biochemistry

smallllnabl Albumin

smallllnabl Alkaline phosphatase

smallllnabl Bilirubin (Total)

smallllnabl Bilirubin (Direct)

smallllnabl Calcium

smallllnabl Cholesterol Total

smallllnabl Cholesterol(HDl)

smallllnabl Creatinine

smallllnabl Glucose

smallllnabl Phosphorous

smallllnabl Protein (Total)

smallllnabl SGOT (AST)

smallllnabl SGOT (ALT)

smallllnabl Urea

smallllnabl Uric Acid

smallllnabl Triglycerides

smallllnabl Sodium

smallllnabl Potassium

smallllnabl Chloride

smallllnabl Triiodothyronine(T3)

smallllnabl Thyroxine (T4)

smallllnabl Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

smallllnabl A/G Ratio

smallllnabl Bilirubin (Indirect)

smallllnabl Globulin

smallllnabl Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

smallllnabl Triglycerides/HDL Ratio

Microbiology & Serology

smallllnabl HIV I& II Antibodies(TRIDOT)

smallllnabl HIV I& II Antibodies

smallllnabl HBSAG

smallllnabl HCV (TRIDOT)

Diagnostic Services

nabhsmallll 2D Echo

nabhsmallll CT Scanning

nabhsmallll DSA Lab

nabhsmallll EEG

nabhsmallll EMG/EP

nabhsmallll Holter Monitoring

nabhsmallll Mammography

nabhsmallll Spirometry

nabhsmallll Tread Mill Testing

nabhsmallll Ultrasound

nabhsmallll X-Ray


nabhsmallll Dispensary

Professions Allied to Medicine

nabhsmallll Dietetics

nabhsmallll Physiotherapy

Outsourced Services

nabhsmallll Ambulance

nabhsmallll Blood Bank

nabhsmallll MRI

Clinical Pathology

smallllnabl pH

smallllnabl Specific Gravity

smallllnabl Protein

smallllnabl Sugar

smallllnabl Blood

smallllnabl Ketone Bodies

smallllnabl Urobilinogen

smallllnabl Bile Salts

smallllnabl Bile Pigments

smallllnabl Microscopic Examination

Haematology & Immunohaematology

smallllnabl Haemoglobin

smallllnabl Red Blood cell Count (RBC)

smallllnabl Packed Cell Volume(PCV)

smallllnabl Total Leucocyte Count(WBC)

smallllnabl Platelet Count

smallllnabl Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)

smallllnabl Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin (MCH)

smallllnabl Mean Corpuscular Haemogobin Concentration (MCHC)

smallllnabl Peripheral Smear

smallllnabl Prothrombin Time

smallllnabl Activated Plasma Thromboplastin Time

smallllnabl Blood Groping & Rh Typing

Clinical Services

nabhsmallll Anaesthesia and Critical Care

nabhsmallll Cardiology Including Interventional Cardiothoracic Surgery

nabhsmallll Dermatology

nabhsmallll ENT -(In-Patient Services Only)

nabhsmallll General Medicine

nabhsmallll General Surgery-(In-Patient Services Only)

nabhsmallll Medical Gastroenterology

nabhsmallll Nephrology

nabhsmallll Neurology

nabhsmallll Neurosurgery

nabhsmallll Obstetrics and Gynaecology Excluding High Risk Obstetrics Cases

nabhsmallll Orthopaedic

nabhsmallll Paediatrics-(In-Patient Services Only)

nabhsmallll Pulmonology -(In-Patient Services Only)

nabhsmallll Rheumatology and Immunology -(In-Patient Services Only)

nabhsmallll Surgical Gastroentrology -(In-Patient Services Only)

nabhsmallll Urology-(In-Patient Services Only)

Laboratory Services & Transfusion Services

nabhsmallll Blood Transfusion Services

nabhsmallll Clinical Bio Chemistry

nabhsmallll Clinical Microbiology and Serology

nabhsmallll Clinical Pathology

nabhsmallll Haematology

nabhsmallll Histopathology

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